• Participants of the Muswellbrook Art Hunt will be challenged to respond to a series of questions that will in-turn reveal information about each site, before continuing on the Hunt!

    1. Start your adventure at the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre on the Corner of Bridge and William Street, Muswellbrook.
    2. Tap the first location 1 on the web map to be presented with your first clue.
    3. Make your way to the first public artwork using the map location marker and clue as your guide.
    4. Respond to the location question as prompted.
    5. Submit your response to reveal the correct response along with information about the public artwork.
    6. Continue the Hunt by selecting the next location marker until you have visited each of the 10 locations.

    On completion of the Hunt, participants young and young-at-heart can collect a Muswellbrook Art Detective badge from the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre during opening hours – part of the gallery’s Discovering Art programs.